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Maurice Dufrene Stoneware Bowl see Art Nouveau section
Wedgewood Jasperware 'Dancing Hours'

A Beautiful Green Jasperware Bowl. This is the  rare 10 inch diameter. 

Still in its original box from the prestigious Browns of Chester circa 1970. Never been used and in brilliant condition.

This is a quality limited edition item that I am pleased to own. £450

Stoneware Shouldered Vase. Stoutly potted with scraffito decoration.

26cm High.

Warwick Parker Stoneware Vase. 18cm High. £135
Jean Gerbino. VALLAURIS Micro Mosaic vase 12 cm high  £265

Three others available. Read More Here

Ceramic Lampbase 28cm high. Beautifuly glazed and incised with fuscia decoration.

Probably 1960's. SOLD

Keller & Guerin vase  20cm high Read More Here

Keller & Guerin 

France (est 1830) 17cm high

Keller & Guerin employed some of the leading exponents of Art Nouveau including Ernest Bussiere, Edmond Lachenal and Louis Majorelle.

Based at Luneville and also had works at The St Clement Factory.

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Charles Lemanceau for St Clement 

Lapin Couche. 

Craquelle glazed earthenware. 1929. 

Has a few nicks consumerate with its age.

Born in Paris, Charles Lemanceau (1905 – 1980) attended “l’Ecole des Arts aplliques” and spent the years from 1923 to 1927 working under Chassing at Printemps Primavera. He exhibited in 1925 at Salon d’Automne alongside Matisse and Le Corbusier amongst others. He set up his studio in 1927 and began working for some of the top French department stores and manufacturers.

see; Craquelés, Les Animaux en Céramique, 1920-1940, Patrick Malaureille, Massin éditeur 1993 page 36.

No Longer Available

Art Deco Ceramic Sculpture Signed Francios

1930 French

 Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Wall Charger.  

35cm diameter £495

Blanc de Chine 15cm high.
Rozenburg Faience wall plaque

25cm diametre signed under the glaze to reverse. No longer available sorry.

20 cm high. No longer available sorry.
15cm high SOLD
Ice Hockey Skater. SOLD
Henri Fugere (1872-1944)

White Craquelle glazed sculpture by St Clement. SOLD

 Gertrude Hermes (1901-1963). 

Milton Commemorative Plate. Central figure of a Muse holding a mask. 

Inscription "Comus Ludlow 1934"

Eathenware with underglazed blue enamel.

British Sculptor, wood engraver printmaker and book illustrator.

Taught at Camberwell, Westiminster, St Martins, and Central School of Art. 

Pointu Vases 20cm high One on the right SOLD

Stylized Panther by St Clement French 1930's

29cm high by 44cm long SOLD


 French Stoneware and enamel vase.

 Lachenal Table Lamp 26cm high  


SOLD ARCHIVE please scroll down

Manuel Olivas  Hand coiled and hand painted burnished triple gourd pot. SOLD

The Native American Indian pottery follows a long tradition going back millenia.

“In 1952, in Casas Grandes, Manuel Olivas began to produce low temperature ceramics decorated with the designs from the pieces found at the archaeological sites. His grandmother taught him how to find the clay deposits, how to prepare the clay and fire his pieces the way his family did to produce clay articles. This is how the new traditional Paquimé ceramics were born; after this, the ceramics appeared spontaneously in several communities in the region and the new potters exchanged the information they had. They sold their pieces as utilitarian and decorative objects, first to locals and later to tourists. There was a flurry of activity at the beginning of the seventies [1970s] which was centered on the town of Juan Mata Ortiz where Juan Quezada, Félix Ortiz, Rogelio Silviera and others worked full time as potters.”.

Jean Besnard Craquelle glazed stoneware shallow dish. SOLD 

Ceramic Horses Head with a bronzed glaze 28cm high

Probably Scandanavian and not really old but it has something about it £SOLD 

Keller and Guerin Coffee Pot

French first quarter of 20th century 

Keller and Guerin were based in Lunneville in the Lorraine region and had some of the countries leading designers working for them including Edmond Lachenal SOLD

Ceramic Sculpture possibly French SOLD

Royal Dux Polar Bear 32cm high SOLD

Cerabel (Belgium porcelain) Lamb 23cm high 

I usually prefer growling panthers but I love it SOLD 

Panther glazed eathenware French 1930's
46cm long by 21 cm high.
 Indistinct signature and a few small chips (left hand base) SOLD

 Vase signed HM beautiful blue with rust coloured streaks, a nice bit of work. 


 Caiger-Smith Aldermaston Pottery SOLD

Minton Secessionist Vase 16cm high. SOLD

This design of stylised square leaves is thought to have originated from a designs by Archibald Knox for Liberty. Shape no 3543. Pattern no 46. 

Small Blue glazed vase  RESERVED

Craquelle glazed Yacht by LEJAN

 French (unsigned)   14.5 inches high SOLD

Lemanceau Fox SOLD 

 Pointu Drip Glaze Vase 27cm high  SOLD

 A Beautiful Study of a stylised Horses Head

28cm high Glazed Terracotta SOLD


 Vase by Richard Joyce SOLD


Has the St Ranagonde mark to the base.  SOLD

Denbac Vase 20cm high  SOLD

Primavera Vase  22cm high SOLD

 Crackle Glazed panther study.  28cm long.

I have had several signed E. Siegl  SOLD

Shaubach Kunst SOLD

 Primavera RESERVED

Julia Carter-Preston SOLD

Face Mask SOLD

Lejan Yacht SOLD

Craquelle glazed Monkey by Orchies.

16cm high,  SOLD 

LEJAN Craquelle Glazed Yacht 48cm to tip of sail. French 1930's.

SOLD  No longer Available

 Amazing Polar Bear bearing the CEREBEL mark  50cm long by 22cm high SOLD


Known for his velvet blue glaze SOLD 

 ODYV 50cm long by 28cm high SOLD

ODYV French 1930's SOLD 

 Primavera 15cm high The drip glaze appears to be a crystaline glaze over the blue. SOLD

 Craquelle Glazed Tiger signed Siegl 40cm long SOLD

Plaster Sculture on a wooden base 70 cm long SOLD 

 Art nouveau Bust 15cm high        SOLD

St Clement Panther 

Panther SOLD

 Sculpture signed G. Beavais and Editions Kaza.

This is a Belgium Shephard I believe


 Fretworked Plate by Villeroy and Bosch  SOLD