I always have a collection of French Wrought Iron Mirrors that show the art of the forge at its best.

Edgar Brandt is the first name that springs to mind when you think of French wrought iron work but there were many, Raymond Subes created some wonderful domestic work that go hand in hand with his architectural work.

Here in Britain we only gently felt the influence of style of the French forged work.

Britain seemed to be a bit more traditional in its approach to mirrors  and blacksmiths were employed more to shoe horses than create wonderful geometric designs in their forge.

In Britain we may have started the Arts and Crafts principles but the French kept it going right through the twenties with a new style we now call Art Deco that encompassed all the skills of previous generations with a bit of industrialisation . 

Wrought Iron.

 French Hand Wrought Mirrors of varying sizes

Wrought Iron Mirror in the style of Edgar Brandt. Height to tip of beveled glass 99cm

French Circa 1920 £1500


 In the style of Edgar Brandt the detail on the wings of this mirror, supported by a cord, is exceptional.  

French Hand Wrought Mirror 93cm wide to end of scroll. The decoration is hand wrought horse chestnuts which have amazing hand wrought  detail 

  Art Deco Mirror

French 1920

With applied hand wrought ginko leaves

Price £395

 Hand Wrought French Art Deco Mirror 64cm

Circa 1930 £450

 Wrought Iron Table Mirror 78cm high.

 French 1930's

This mirror was used in the BBC production of Lilies.

Price £495

Small  Art Deco mirror 32cm high

 A Silvered Bronze art Deco Hand mirror. 

In its original fitted case






 Dressing Table Mirror of Hand Wrought design. 34cm high

French 1930's

 The mirror section tilts and the frame has several hooks to hang manicure pieces upon.


Art Nouveau Mirror SOLD

 Arts and Crafts Copper Mirror Circa 1900 53cm high by 38cm wide Stamped registration mark English.            Sold


Arts and Crafts Copper Mirror
32cm square
No longer available.