In Pursuit of Pottery Perfection, that I never seem to find.

After what seems like a very long time I am now throwing again and will be preparing work for an exhibition of my work in the not too distant future.

It always seems impossible to photograph a pot without showing a distort in the focus of the rim, but here are some of my attempts below.

Commissions Undertaken.

 These are some of the simple shapes I have been throwing.

I have then burnished them leaving the throwing rings visible. 

A groupment of some of my burnished pots 

Recent Burnished work 

Homage a Lava.

African Inspired SOLD

Throwing A Pot 

All memories are traces of tears. 

Glazed 30 cm high 

African (Zulu) Inspired but Glazed 35cm high 

Green Glazed Vase 43cm high SOLD

Here are some pieces made recently. 


 Yes its dirty work but someone has to do it. This was quite a while ago.



 Always looking for new ways to fire my work whilst learning to throw competently.

I am still trying to explore simple slip decoration that relies heavily on  simplicity of  the shapes I throw.

How much can you do with a slip of the same colour?

Quite a lot I find ,and by putting the emphasis on the shape and its reflecting of light off the surface decoration is a challenge I currently enjoy.

Here I have used a barked effect with burnishing. 

Double Gourd  I like to burnish but leave the throwing rings in a piece in order to create a hand made feel

29cm high 2013 

Detail of rim 

Trying to add a bit of texture 2013 

 Burnished double Gourd

Hand Burnished 

 Burnished Earthenware

Burnished Eathenware with glaze spots 

Sagger Fired 

Burnished and Sagger Fired 


Here I have sagger fired the pots using ancient Greek techniques the method used is almost the same as 2,000 years ago.

Experiments with glaze 


Sometimes I find myself being inspired by Ancient Classical pieces.


 I hope to get around to glazing this sculpture soon


 Herculaneum MMX       


Terracotta sagger Fired FaceMask

 Craquellure Sculpture 25 cm High

Craquelle Glazed PROFILE  A series from October 2011


Early Burnished Work

Its a dirty business, but someone has to do it.