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Strident Growling Tiger
Patinated Spelter on Belgium Slate Base
French 1930    £780
Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943) Girl Fishing Bronze and Ivory 6 inches tall. SOLD
  Bathing Venus. Bronze. 34cm high 

Bulio, Jean Ronald (1827-1911) French late 19th century Bronze  17cm high.

Beautiful patina, unsigned £495

    R. Kaesbach Bronze Trojan 39cm high 

Silvered Bronze study of a pair of fighting birds. Amazing casting, you can almost cut your finger on the beaks. It may have been on a marble base which is why it is lacking a signature.  20cm high.            £750 

Herbert Tyson Smith (1893-1972) Merman cast in bronze in a marble base.

Pair of Panthers
Patinated spelter on Marble Base
French 1930      £325
Pair of Bronze sculptures of musicians. 29 cm high. Continental Possibly Italian 1860. 

Beautiful Chocolate Brown Patina.

Bronze Pillasters 9ft high more information to follow 

  Bronze Study by Decoux  43cm long by 25cm high £595

Rochard Tern cresting A Wave  French spelter 1930's  61cm to tip of wing £450

Eugenio Patterino 50cm high £850

Bronze Study of a Boat

 A.Fontana signed Terracotta 61cm long £245

Sean Rice......I am interested in purchasing work by this artist.
0151 236 1282


 Plaster Amazon Reserved


Herbert Tyson Smith Bronze Merman signed in the bronze. SOLD

Lorenzl Figurine 41cm high.

This sculpture is often referred to as Arabesque SOLD

 A Bronze Sculpture signed Clodion.  30cm high   No Longer Available

Plaster Study 43cm high SOLD

Modernist Polished Bronze signed in the bronze Mougrit 132 of 500 18cm high.  No longer Available

 Arthur Dooley Centurion 74cm high SOLD

Panther French 1930 Spelter 40cm long by 23cm high SOLD
Hirondelles signed M.Font in the bronze. French 1930. SOLD

Bronze Bookends of a pair of Tigers on African red Marble base

Quality casting £

Pair of stylised bookends of prancing foals

French £

Pierrot Vide poche Bronze on a onyx base 12cm high SOLD

Bronze Lizard Perched on a Shell. Probably Vienna and late 19th Century. It has green gemstone eyes and the casting is so realistic it nearly bit me. 27cm long SOLD

Panther Art Deco French, Spelter on marble base, 1930's 40cm long by 15cm high Excellent Condition SOLD

 Diana The Huntress 

Lejan Craquelle Glazed SOLD

Bull Sculpture 9cm high Bronzed Spelter

 French  SOLD

Pr of bronze vases 21cm high. On bronze square bases.

I cant quite work out if these are Japanese or French Art Deco as the design is so deco but the feel is of Japanese bronze. Either way, they are beautiful and SOLD

Art Deco Bookends of Panthers 

Spelter 1930's     SOLD

Bronze signed 19cm high  £SOLD

Bronzed Spelter 41cm high SOLD

Bronze in the style of Le Faguays  48cm high SOLD

Delperier signed Bronze plaque SOLD

A spelter group of a pair of playful Billy Goats on a black marble base. Exellent condition.

French 1930's . SOLD

Plaster  Panther base 26inches long SOLD

Billy Goat Bookends 1930's Bronzed Spelter  22cm maximum height SOLD

Polished Bronze 21cm high signed Pat Rowland in the bronze


Tiger on Marble base 
Continental 25cm long  SOLD

Stylised bird gold lustred ceramic SOLD

 Bronzed metal stylised cat 17cm high

Signed Franjou  SOLD

Bronzed Spelter Strident Panther 65cm long SOLD

Though made on the 1930's has been inspired by Night and Day figures that flank each side of the tomb that was sculpted by Michaelangelo  SOLD

Taylor Earnshaw  a local Liverpool sculptor. Cast in AluminiumSOLD

Barbedienne Bronze  SOLD

Art Deco Bronzed spelter Stag on a very unusual Marble and Belgium Slate base 26cm 22cm high Continental SOLD

Grecian statues after the antique RESERVED

 Lost Wax sculpture signed in the bronze Gucia RESERVED

Marble Bust  44cm high  SOLD

Carved Granite  Sculpture 46cm high SOLD

 Carved wooden sculpture signed L. Houseaux SOLD

Horses Head Plaster with a bronze patination

Lemanceau Horse glazed pottery 41cm high 


Lejan Terracotta SOLD

Barbidienne  SOLD

Spelter on Marble and Onyx base SOLD

Art Deco spelter figurine 46cm high SOLD

ODYV Sculptural clock and garnitures SOLD 

ODYV Polar Bear with clock SOLD

White glazed earthenware  20cm high SOLD

Arthur Dooley Bull SOLD  Marked AD94

An amazing quality carved wood study of a Bison. The patina is so amazing it looks Bronze  SOLD



Grecian bust on marble socle. SOLD

Goldscheider  SOLD

Sylvestre Bronze signed with the Suisse Frere Foundry Mark.

41cm long by 16cm high SOLD

Bronze Hanging Plaque  of A Stylised Tigers Head.

Borsoi on Marble and Onyx base SOLD

Europa and the Bull 31cm high SOLD

 Stalking  Panther Ceramic Signed Jean  SOLD see ceramic section

Pair of bookends SOLD 

Silvered Study of a Panther 11.5cm high 


Spelter Study 23cm high by 61cm long

French 1930's SOLD 

Signed Fayral 28cm high  SOLD

Terracotta figurine  33cm high  SOLD

 Sculptures French 1930's SOLD 

50cm long No Longer available

Rochard Tern Cresting A Wave  Frnch 1930's SOLD

I think this may in fact be a Storm Petrol which lives all year round at sea 

Art Deco Spelter Figurine 52cm Tall  SOLD

Bronzed Panther  54cm long by  21cm high



 An Amazing Stylized Horses Head



Spelter Diana 34cm High

French 1930's  SOLD

Mouse by Frecourt. A playful sculpture of silvered spelter on a marble base. The cheese is marble. 10cm high.             £SOLD  

Spelter Figurine 1930's     SOLD


Spelter Art Deco Stylised Panther

35cm long by 16cm high


Bathing Venus  26cm high  SOLD 

 Chiparus Bronze


 A Spelter Study by Chiparus SOLD